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At Canon Medical, we’ve taken everything that’s great about CT and made it even better with advanced AI-assisted technologies that redefine the way you diagnose and treat patients.

Make every scan as safe as possible with advanced AI-assisted technologies that keep the dose low and the image quality high. Stand out with a CT solution that optimizes your workflow, improves patient experience and helps you save time and money every step of the way. Access all the information you need to make a clear, confident diagnosis that enables every patient to start the right treatment journey for them.

Expand your view in radiation oncology
An advanced radiation oncology solution, the new Aquilion Exceed LB helps you in fast and efficient CT simulation without compromising on patient position, image quality, or reproducibility.

Clinical Confidence Anywhere
Harness the power of the Aquilion Prime SP and Aquilion Lightning 80 CT systems wherever and whenever you need them. The design of our mobile medical equipment allows for high-patient throughput, without compromising on patient safety, workflow, or image quality.

Introducing Deep Learning Spectral Imaging
Canon Medical’s Deep Learning Spectral CT system has been designed to take your imaging capabilities to a whole new level.

Advanced intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AiCE)


AiCE is a revolutionary approach to CT reconstruction that uses Deep Learning innovation to match the spatial resolution and low-noise properties of advanced model-based iterative reconstructions to produce high quality images at low doses

ONE Rotation Scanning


GENESIS Edition’s 16 cm wide area detector signicantly improves your ability to obtain high-quality images for routine and advanced studies. One rotation is all it takes to acquire a whole heart, a neonatal chest, a foot or an ankle exam – in a fraction of a second with less dose and great uniformity.