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Redefine Intervention

The Alphenix family of angiography systems with enhanced workflow and a new set of features allows a faster, more seamless and richer work experience. An improved imaging chain delivers high-quality images and a full complement of fully customizable imaging tools. Industry-leading advanced dose management technologies help protect patients and clinical staff. Redefine what is possible in intervention.

Interventional radiology/oncology

Greater control and flexibility


As interventional procedures and oncology treatments increase in complexity, Alphenix flexibility supports you in delivering the best possible outcome to your patients. An improved imaging chain provides cleaner, sharper, more defined images during stent placement, embolization or ablation procedures.

Interventional cardiology

Redefine your workflow


Alphenix angiography systems integrated cardiac-optimized technologies help you deliver the best possible outcomes to your patients. These include tools to simplify procedure planning, technology to help you see and navigate in confidence, better protection for your patient and clinical staff with a comprehensive suite of dose optimization.

Interventional neurology

See neurovascular features and devices as never before


Developed in collaboration with leading clinicians for neurovascular intervention, Alphenix features the world’s first high definition flat panel detector. Enhanced features simplify procedure planning and post-operative analysis, improve workflow and optimize dose, help boost productivity and deliver better patient car...