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Computed Tomography


At Canon Medical, we’ve taken everything that’s great about CT and made it even better with advanced AI-assisted technologies that redefine the way you diagnose and treat patients.

Easy 3D

Aquilion Lightning’s user-friendly 3D imaging package allows you to generate volume images with outstanding ease of use. With a simple push of a button you select a specific protocol and the desired images are displayed.

Fast Reconstruction
A newly developed reconstruction system supports a reconstruction speed of up to 15 images per second, assisting with rapid review and fast patient throughput.

MPR Image Generation—Multiview
MultiView automation saves time by reconstructing MPR images as a part of the ...

Automated Bone Removal

Aquilion Lightning™ incorporates automated bone removal algorithms to quickly and accurately segment bone in CT angiography examinations. In just a few seconds, high-quality angiographic images are available for diagnosis review.